Paediatric Blood Tests




My Name is Leanne and I will be seeing you for your Blood Test.


Your appointment will be booked for a 20 minute slot at the end of one of my lists.



It’s really important that for the best results you prepare for this…. a bit like homework.

A doctor speaking to a child



Make sure you have had something to eat and maybe bring a sugary drink for afterwards.



Drink lots of water on the day of your test and even the day before.

This helps to plump up your veins and make them bouncy.


A child being comforted

Stay warm

Make sure you are warm so wear a jumper or coat if needed.


Ametop Cream

This is a ‘magic cream’ that numbs the area that I will get the blood from. You need to put it on as the instructions advise on the box – this is usually at least an hour before your appointment.



If you feel that listening to music on your phone with Airpods/headphones may help you then that’s fine, or you could watch something on your phone.


Unsuccessful Phlebotomy

In the event that I am unable to get your blood on this occasion we either:
a) Sit you back in the waiting room and wait for a doctor to see you or
b) Be rebooked with a doctor.



Blood results usually take 2-4 days to come back. The doctor will contact you if anything shows up. You may have an appointment to follow up afterwards.